Cleaning Quilts - Blanket


Environmental Friendly Cleaning Quilts - Blanket

Green cleaning in quilts, blankets and rugs. The Carpet Cleaner «Andreas Pitsoulis» can clean quilts, blankets, throws and rugs.

The quilts are cleaned in individual professional laundry dryers. In this way we achieve  faultless and clean quilts and of course their perfect sterilization during drying by high temperature steaming.

With the most modern equipment and biodegradable detergents can achieve perfect results in polyester or feather duvets offering a unique feeling of cleanliness and hygiene for you and your family.

By cleansing the care is free.


Για Ιδιώτες και Ξενοδοχεία. Η POTEMA® εξειδικέυεται στις υπηρεσίες καθαρισμού στρωμάτων, σαλονιών, χαλιών - μοκετών από τα ακάρεα, τους μύκητες, τα βακτήρια και τη μούχλα.

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