Carpet Liquid Washing

State of the Art Carpet Liquid Washing

Our state of the art production equipment gives us the opportunity easily and quickly to be effective and provide you always first class services.

Each rug, carpet, etc, individually addressed ,within the production line cleaning.

If there is someone special stains, such as wine or ink or something else, individual weight is given there, until we return to the best original state.

State of the Art Carpet Liquid Washing

We pick up your carpets

Our professional drivers will receive from your place rugs and transport them safely in our modern facilities. Our trained staff will take the responsible and professional cleaning of your carpets to shine and look like new.

Description Wet Cleaning Carpets:

Unrolling carpet
A drum ties carpet conveyor belt.
Prewash carpet
Beck gives water and detergents into the carpet, while we spray the stain locally by hand, if necessary.
Carpet wash

Twelve thin- variable speed- brushes and pressure rub the carpet balancing frictional forces acting on the carpet. So the rails stay pure and rug hung on the clothes line without gagles. When the carpet is washed from below, spurting water forcing dirt to pass through the knots of the carpet in order to come out on surfaces and be carried away by the brushes.

Carpet pre- washing

Following the carpet, a cylindrical brush with automatic level control, pressure and controlled speed, accompanied by small drums clicked the carpet onto the conveyor belt. So move off hairs and microparticles.

Rinsing carpet
Two injectors spray the carpet with clean water from the back side.
Carpet Spin
After the washing process, each carpet is placed in specially designed centrifugal dryer. To remove the unnecessary moisture, modern technology used by centrifugal decantation, during which is removed  the 90% of the moisture from the carpet without bleach so as the fringes are clear and show like new.
Wrapping Carpet Package

Clean the carpet, is wrapped with emollient and carefully placed in special packaging machine. A special nylon sheet, is used for  transfer and placement sturdy. The location of each carpet in the warehouse is recorded on the basis of our system and special label enters the carpet.

Carpet Storage
Storing your carpet in our specially designed spaces, guarantees the correct positioning in the storage away from moisture, or other potential hazards that may exist in ordinary stores. If you wish to break it your carpets, you only have to call us.
Carpet Delivery
Our workshop delivers at your place  your carpets fresh for longer so you can enjoy the warmth of your home this winter!


Για Ιδιώτες και Ξενοδοχεία. Η POTEMA® εξειδικέυεται στις υπηρεσίες καθαρισμού στρωμάτων, σαλονιών, χαλιών - μοκετών από τα ακάρεα, τους μύκητες, τα βακτήρια και τη μούχλα.

Video: Τιναχτήρι Carpet Cleaner

Video: Πλυντήριο Carpet Cleaner

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