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Quality in Carpet Cleaning

In Carpet Cleaners «Andreas Pitsoulis» we take special care so we can clean your carpets.

We always use modern methods of cleaning carpets with ecological products and hypoallergenic detergents that ensure maximum protection of paint and carpet fibers.

Long-term experience in our field of cleaning since 1989 and now allows us to provide high quality services to our customers at affordable prices and comprehensive solutions for every cleaning problem in your home or workplace.

Complete Cleaning of Every Type of Carpet

We provide comprehensive cleaning all types of carpets:

  • Silk handmade carpets
  • Wool carpets machine
  • Synthetic engine carpets
  • carpet coconut
  • Mixed silk carpets
  • Handmade woolen carpets
  • Carpeting
  • Longhaired


Carpet Cleaning Process


We free undertake to receive your carpets. On request, our experienced staff will receive your carpets in your place.

Technical carpets check
A thorough check of the carpet from an experienced partner made. The type, quality and any areas with difficult stains identified, to select the appropriate method of purification.
Shaking carpet
Before you start washing the carpet we shake it in order  to remove from the pile to the root of the carpet solid dirt and dust grains.  Any stubborn stains cleaned locally.
Carpet Cleaning Methods
Depending on the quality of your carpet, how determined it will be cleaned:

Liquid for washing carpets machine made Rugs and Carpets

The carpet and rug washing done in-house by qualified personnel and latest machinery.  All detergents used are environmentally friendly and not harmful to the human body.

Μάθετε Περισσότερα για τον Υγρό Καθαρισμό

Στεγνό Καθάρισμα για Ευαίσθητα Χαλιά

Το Στεγνό Καθάρισμα συνιστάται για ολομέταξα, χειροποίητα και ευαίσθητα μάλλινα χαλιά.
Με τη μέθοδο αυτή το χαλί σας καθαρίζεται και απολυμαίνεται, διατηρώντας τα "πολύτιμα συστατικά" του ακέραια και αμετάβλητα για χρόνια.

Μάθετε Περισσότερα για το Στεγνό Καθάρισμα
Carpet Spin
After the washing process, each carpet is placed in specially designed centrifugal dryer. To remove the unnecessary moisture, modern technology used by centrifugal decantation, during which is removed  the 90% of the moisture from the carpet without bleach so as the fringes are clear and show like new.
Τα χαλιά σας στη συνέχεια στεγνώνουν στον ειδικά διαμορφωμένο και στεγασμένο χώρο μας για όσο χρόνο απαιτείται ανάλογα με τον τύπο τους. Προστατευμένα από τις βλαβερές υπεριώδεις ακτίνες UV του ηλίου διατηρούν το ζωντανό τους χρώμα και στεγνώνουν φυσικά χωρίς γάγλες.
Wrapping Carpet Package

Clean the carpet, is wrapped with emollient and carefully placed in special packaging machine. A special nylon sheet, is used for  transfer and placement sturdy. The location of each carpet in the warehouse is recorded on the basis of our system and special label enters the carpet.

Carpet Storage
Storing your carpet in our specially designed spaces, guarantees the correct positioning in the storage away from moisture, or other potential hazards that may exist in ordinary stores. If you wish to break it your carpets, you only have to call us.
Carpet Delivery
Our workshop delivers at your place  your carpets fresh for longer so you can enjoy the warmth of your home this winter!

Take advantage of our highly trained personel as well as our modern equipment.



Για Ιδιώτες και Ξενοδοχεία. Η POTEMA® εξειδικέυεται στις υπηρεσίες καθαρισμού στρωμάτων, σαλονιών, χαλιών - μοκετών από τα ακάρεα, τους μύκητες, τα βακτήρια και τη μούχλα.

Video: Τιναχτήρι Carpet Cleaner

Video: Πλυντήριο Carpet Cleaner

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